35 Before 35

A few years ago, I started a list of goals I wanted to complete before I turned 30. I loved working on my list, and I reached a lot of my goals. I didn't reach all of them, however. Some I decided I was no longer interested in, so I cut them from my list. Others needed a little bit more time, so I'm rolling them over to my new list. I'm a year late on sharing this. I began working on my list of 35 Before 35 in January of 2019, but that's the thing about personal goals. I can do whatever I want. So here they are.

These first five are rolled over from my list of 30 Before 30.

1. Learn to Speak Portuguese - I'm pretty good, but no where near fluent, and that's my goal.

2. Speak at an Event- (Sacrament Meeting doesn't count.)

3: Learn to Play the Organ

4: Beat my 5k Record - On my list of 30 Before 30, I set the goal to run a 5k and set another goal to beat the time from the first race. I ran the race and reached a time of 28:17! That checked off the first one. But I ran two more races and have been unable to beat my time, so that gal is being rolled over to my new list. Run a 5k in under 28:17.

5: Publish a Book - I completed this one! It came out in December 2019.

Here are the things I'm adding:

6. Do a Musical Number in Church - already did it!

7. Host a Wedding Reception in My Yard - My house has a beautiful yard and it would be an awesome place for a wedding reception.

8. Read 60 Books - in progress. This is one book a month for the next five years. To keep tabs on what I'm reading, visit my Instagram.

9. Learn Chinese- I haven't even started this one yet.

10. Build a Piece of Furniture- I haven't started this one yet either, but I do occasionally look at plans.

11. See a Bull Moose in Real Life

12. Attend the Twin Falls Temple

13. Go on a Girls' Getaway- A weekend vacation with my sisters.

14. Visit an All-Inclusive Resort - Check! Blake and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in Mexico, and it was awesome.

15. Learn 5 Origami

16 Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

17. Learn Hand Lettering- I have a modern calligraphy book, but I haven't done much practicing.

18. Find a Perfect Pie Crust Recipe- I have not perfected the art of homemade pie. I can't ever find a crust a like. If you have a recipe, send it my way.

19. Reupholster My Chairs- Several years ago, we bough used wingback chairs off the classified. They were ugly and old when we bought them, and they got uglier every day. But with a YouTube tutorial and a staple gun, I'm working on reupholstering them.

20. Become Level 3 Foster Care Certified-

21. Learn a New Piano Piece

22. Learn to Watercolor

23. Learn to Tie a Tie- I'm working on this one. I can tie it, I just still need the step by step instructions.

24. Splurge at Summerfest- I love everything at Summerfest. One day, I'm going to buy a giant piece of art for my house.

25. Referee a Basketball Game - Did it. Way outside my comfort zone.

26. Learn to Decorate Cakes

27. Do a Car Repair- I used to shy away from car repairs, but when we had a little car trouble in September, I looked up what was wrong and fixed it myself.

28. Fence My Yard- Crossing my fingers that this happens this summer. That's what we're saving for right now.

29. Publish Three More Books- I'm working on another book right now! I have a third book that's written, but it's nonfiction, and I'm worried to move forward in publishing in case things aren't entirely accurate in it. Nonfiction is a different beast than fiction.

30. Plant a Garden-I've tried so many times, and I just don't have a green thumb. One year, though, I'll make it happen.

31. Swim with Dolphins - Check! Blake and I did this while in Mexico.

32. Organize My Digital Life- This one makes me shudder. Thousands of pictures, old downloads no longer needed, organizing partially written novels and blog post, billions of emails. Yikes.

33. Reach My Financial Goal- On my previous list, Blake and I set a very ambitious financial goal and we reached it! I don't know the specifics of this goal yet, but I want to set another one.

34. Donate Blood 7 Times- This means I have to donate blood about every 18 months, which should be doable, right???

35. Decorate My House- And have it look good instead of a bunch of mismatched, haphazardly hung picture frames with outdated photos.

So these are the things I'm working on. I turn 35 in September of 2023, but for the ease of tracking things, I give myself until the end of the year.

If you have a list of goals you'd like to share, I'd love to feature you on my blog! Send me an email and let me know!



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